An entry level PM to the CEO

Cisco / Eng greedyengr
Nov 9 3 Comments

I was reading about Sundar, and there seems to be no account of the actual position he joined in at Google. There is few data that he joined as VP of Product, however this seems to be wrong.

Did he join in as en entry level PM at Google (as many think he did)?

Also, can someone else replicate the growth Sundar has accomplished?


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  • Apple qwerty boy
    Not at google for sure
    Nov 9 0
  • Google mankamank
    He joined as GPM, level 7.5, and was promoted to VP by early 2018. He was SVP first when Larry became ceo, and asked to looked after Chrome as SVP - this was mid 2011. In 2013, he was leading Android and Chrome, when (as now revealed), Andy Rubin was kicked out. Late in 2014, he became lead of all VPs and by 2015 he was CEO.
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  • New scheme
    Not in the current immigration climate. At each promotion, extension etc the person will get an RFE.
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