Atlassian Level P5

Amazon ljPS14
Jul 16 7 Comments

Is Senior Software Engineer and Engineering Team Lead at the level P5?


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  • Atlassian / Ops YeIi10
    Senior engineer is P5. Team lead is M4. They're supposed to be equivalent, so you can theoretically make a lateral move between.
    Jul 16 4
    • Amazon ljPS14
      Thank you!
      Jul 16
    • Atlassian Rcck61
      I think it varies per job category. In engineering team lead is M3.
      Just to make it more confusing, title and levels don’t align as well. There are a few pages on our intranet explaining some of it, but generally it’s a mess.
      Jul 17
    • Amazon ljPS14
      Rcck61, thanks for adding confusion, sometime it’s good😉, do you mind sharing the snapshot of the page you are mentioning.
      Jul 17
    • Atlassian 123s123
      P5 is aligned with an M3 not M4
      Jul 17
  • Atlassian atsskIt
    P5 is aligned with M2 not M3 or M4

    P6 is M3
    P7 is M4
    Jul 26 0
  • Amazon ljPS14
    Jul 27 0


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