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Cadence / R&D leeton
Mar 19 9 Comments

Whole career worked on designing Linux tools for h/w. Never studied or worked on web stack or anything else :(

Want to change domain now to be more generic. Target FAANG or UNICORN companies.

Any pointers how I can prepare for system /software design and architecture questions?

Anything else I need to prepare?

Tried couple of on-sites - cracked coding and algos sucked really badly at system design and architecture.

TC: 230K 10YOE


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Intel tzza
    Look up "Grokking the System Design Interview"
    Mar 19 2
    • Cadence / R&D leeton
      Thank you. I started it and kind of understand it but get lost in numbers :( need some base work. Don't have enough confidence to address different questions yet. You can say I can understand it but not learn it to solve generic problems.
      Mar 19
    • Airbnb Charon
      Skip the numbers. That’s icing on top IMO. It’s more important to understand the techniques
      Mar 20
  • Dropbox systest
    Look up System Design Primer on Github
    Mar 19 1
    • Cadence / R&D leeton
      Thank you. Started working through it right now.
      Mar 19
  • Amazon / Mgmt

    Amazon Mgmt

    I went through a very similar transition. I’d start with reading up on design patterns and playing around with something like Spring MVC (depending on the type of job you’re targeting).
    Mar 19 1
    • Cadence / R&D leeton
      Thank you
      Mar 19
  • Apple SamPam
    Sign up for LinkedIn Learning aka they have videos on design fundamentals, and programming fundamentals.
    Mar 20 0
  • Microsoft sida
    I am good in system design, I can teach/help you with that. Would you help me on coding/Algos? Please dm if interested.
    Mar 19 0


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