Google relocation options - cash out vs points

New jXaC08
Aug 20 6 Comments

Will be joining Google SVL (SWE - L3) in a week and was wondering which relocation option I should go with:

Option 1: Cash Out. This comes out to roughly $6.3K post tax. Going to Airbnb until I find an apartment.

Option 2:
a. Destination services (16 hours worth of concierge services for housing, etc)
b. 45 day corporate housing
c. Final trip to destination reimbursement (flight + uber to apartment + food for that day)

My decision is basically dependent upon the following factors:

1. How long it would take to get an SSN number? I assume this is required for credit checks.
2. How hard it is to find apartments in Sunnyvale?
3. Are the destination services that helpful?

Can anyone provide any insight? Thanks.

TC: $195K


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Capital One Az1
    Checkout Craigslist, Facebook, Zillow, Trulia. FB is probably the best place to find roommates if you want to share your house.
    Aug 20 1
    • New jXaC08
      So you would go with Option 1?
      Aug 20
  • Chase IlnU35
    Cash Out - option 2 is probably worth $3k
    Aug 20 3
    • New jXaC08
      That's what I am thinking too. Just wondering how hard it would be to find a place in Sunnyvale
      Aug 20
    • Chase IlnU35
      Checkout Facebook groups - Roommates in Bay Area, there are lot of postings. Should be an easy find
      Aug 20
    • New jXaC08
      Will take a look. Thanks
      Aug 20


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