How did you believe that love would happen again after a breakup?

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How did you power through the thoughts that you might never find someone again, with whom you can be as compatible?


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  • Oath OPnd70
    Donโ€™t worry about that now, worry about healing and focusing on yourself, and what you want. Finding love again right after a breakup is natural, but the wrong first step. Rebuild you and later allow it to happen. You will be fine.
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  • Apple biatch
    Breakup is just a phase, itโ€™ll pass. Time heals everything. Speaking from experience.
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  • Amazon fjfkfjgh
    Time. It changes everything, including you, your feelings and your definition of love. Talking from experience.
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  • Time.

    That's it. That's what you need. These feelings will subside with the passage of time.
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  • Apple / Eng

    Apple Eng

    Software engineer
    Are you absolutely sure that you will never find love in the future? Is it even possible for you to know so much about the future that you can say with absolute certainty that you will never never find love in the future?

    Are you doing everything you can right now to maximize your chances of finding love in the future?

    What are the differences in your behavior when you believe that you will never find love in the future vs when you believe you will find love in the future?
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  • eBay maybeno
    Watch some bachelor in paradise
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  • Schonfeld / Eng

    Schonfeld Eng

    Intel, morganstanley, citadel, etrade
    coding monkey
    Move to a different city and meet new ppl
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