How to build self worth after someone crushed it

Amazon doomsday1
Jun 5 15 Comments

I have trouble loving myself. I consider myself a person with super high confidence but when at home with my partner (not married), i don't feel good. I second guess myself, think I'm weak and worthless.

I'm also having thoughts of passive suicide but don't think I have time or means to go see a doctor. Don't know what to do.


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  • Yahoo xCWI25
    No money to see a doctor? Doesn’t Amazon provide EAP or something similar?
    Jun 5 7
    • Amazon doomsday1
      Won't I have to tell my manager if I'm disappearing for 1-2 hours a week?
      Jun 5
    • SAP tjjW71
      Tell him/ her you need some physiotherapy or the like.

      And on a related note, you need to uncover why being with your partner is depleting your confidence to SUCH a level that you are even entertaining passive thoughts of suicide.
      Jun 5
    • Qantas / Eng sjdjdujebj
      Amazon should have a Lyra benefit which is a counselling service.
      Jun 5
    • Microsoft rose84
      Go to a shrink tomorrow. Stop making excuses. It could save your life. You’re worth it.
      Jun 6
    • Juniper / Eng sixpack
      Doctor’s appointment, dentist appointment, need to pickup/drop off someone from/to airport, need to pickup package, working from home, need to attend family event and will be off for rest of the day, not feeling well.. going home.
      Jun 6
  • Amazon / Eng ewjX55
    You should take your mental health very seriously. Ive known 4 people whove suicided. Its a horrible experience for everyone involved. Almost did that myself in HS cuz of an abusive home life. Happy i didnt. Things always get better. But i never really got stable till i started therapy and stopped speaking with my family. Honestly it was the most freeing thing in the world for me. But i couldnt have done it till i was ready
    Jun 6 0
  • Amgen / Finance

    Amgen Finance

    The Walt Disney Company
    Is your partner doing anything to make you feel this way? If so break it off.
    Jun 5 3
    • Amazon doomsday1
      We've been together very very long. Also don't think I want to. I can survive being dumped..but don't know if I can break it off
      Jun 5
    • Indeed / Eng 1d
      Take your confidence back! Do yourself a favor and break it off. You owe it to yourself to be surrounded by people that build you up and give you energy. Dump people from your life that suck your confidence and energy.
      Jun 6
    • Facebook / Eng

      Facebook Eng

      Try getting an SSO. Secondary SO
      Jun 6
  • Arthrex quarks
    First of all you need to go talk to a doctor and If you don't have time you can call the suicide hotline and they will help you get phone consultations. The SO is not worth it enough for you to lose your life. My ex uses to put me down and treated me so badly and I was in your situation. But wherever I go people treated me well and they gave lots of compliments about my knowledge, looks and manners. So the real reason was my ex was a sick person and he likes to make others around him feel inferior.
    Jun 6 0
  • F5 Networks bhai-log
    Are you in Seattle? If yes, it’s the gloomy weather that does that.
    Jun 6 0