How well does Palantir pay?

Capital One / Eng aeYv53
Oct 2 12 Comments

I'm curious, I've seen a few social media rants from "thought leaders" talking about how they won't hire anyone from Palantir since they have a contract with ICE. Does Palantir pay well enough to offset the hate you receive? Has anyone from there struggled interviewing?


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  • Google / Eng d3j88wq
    What's the price of your soul?
    Oct 2 2
    • eBay mhTvaOb
      Oct 2
    • Capital One / Eng aeYv53
      I mean that depends on YOE but I'm pretty sure I could give you a number
      Oct 2
  • No, they don’t. They leverage their pay based on the amount of PR they get. The company won’t go public anytime soon, and their work culture sucks. They also, get new grads so pay isn’t really that enticing.

    Source: my roommate who worked at palantir
    Oct 2 3
    • Capital One / Eng aeYv53
      Ah, the hiring tons of new grads tactic
      Oct 2
      Oct 2
    • Autodesk leetboba
      ^ def heard that one a million times on r/cscq lol
      Oct 2
  • Palantir / IT

    Palantir IT

    Honestly I've never had any hate from anyone when I've said I work at palantir. I think it's blown out of proportion. I worked at Google and can honestly say I've done more good at palantir than I ever could there. I'm sure there will always be snarky comments but who cares what a few people think? If so called thought leaders won't hire someone from palantir then I think they've got their micro-doses wrong. That just makes no sense, and they're not the type of people I'd want to work for.
    Oct 8 0
  • Netflix razorlab
    Hell yes... bet some of the things you learn from working there will change your perspective on humanity.
    Oct 2 0
  • Palantir YJvm80
    In Europe, better than any tech company as you'll get salary very close to US. In US decently and there's good chance to make a lot more very fast
    Oct 3 0
  • Google pq8db4iabx
    Idk they'd have to pay pretty well right? Otherwise, you can just go work for Facebook
    Oct 2 0
  • Salesforce / Eng Atinlay10
    My friend received an offer a few months back. Pay was fairly mediocre. Higher base than big N, but stock options are worthless given the chances of IPO are slim to nil. Overall comp package was lower than Big N.
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