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Ellucian / R&D

Ellucian R&D

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Feb 6 7 Comments

Have any of you been at an organization and as you get further entrenched, you start to realize you are surrounded by complacency and status quo? This organization is astonishingly incompetent yet somehow has survived while tenured siloers erode any passion the newcomers bring to the table. It’s a comic reality of tech debt, lack of accountability and anti-patterns.


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  • SAP yut567
    Tell me about it. All the time! Teams are so amazingly dysfunctional. Its beyond belief. Firing middle management would be a huge favor to the org.
    Feb 6 0
  • Apple / HR SnVL04
    Small companies that aren’t surfing on VC money aren’t like this. They can’t afford it. Otherwise, the bigger and older a company is, the more rot you’ll find inside.

    Now imagine what’s it like at Apple, one of the oldest and biggest tech companies out there...
    Feb 7 3
    • Yeah you only won't see this at a small startup but given downsides I would rather large org.
      Feb 7
    • Apple / HR SnVL04
      Could you expand on downsides? I loved my time in startup actually, and only switched because it got acquired.
      Feb 7
    • I found the tempo rather high and difficult to maintain long term. I also got a bit screwed over re. stocks and didn't get anything when we were acquired, that's my fault though. I find I get paid a lot more at large org doing rather little vs at startup doing quite a lot. I did have way more fun at startup though.
      Feb 7
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    A fool is wiser than a prophet.
    It happens in any large org. At FANG they don’t care because of deep warchests. But when you’re trying to ship it’s like gambling with a used heroin needle. Luckily customers don’t know any better and will continue to come back, even if there are major league bugs.
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  • Is any company not like this?

    While you are at it you should also add the newcomers who know how to game the system and upon hire continue to fly under the radar and produce nothing before jumping to their next gig.

    We've all read Dilbert, this is office life, get used to it.
    Feb 7 0