Pip and performance!

Intel Robswan
Jun 10 5 Comments

How does amazon evaluate performance of engineers ? Is it yearly, quarterly or monthly ? I hear a lot about pip at amazon, any idea what percentage of people get piped ?


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Amazon NewManager
    Manager says you good you good you bad you bad.
    Jun 10 3
    • IBM ut3d4
      Do that pay attention to your work or is it random like at IBM
      Jun 10
    • Amazon NewManager
      A little
      Jun 10
    • IBM ut3d4
      Managers at IBM just randomly give out good and bad reviews on a cycle.

      Last year I didn’t do much and got a glowing review and a promotion.

      This year I’m more productive then I’ve ever been and my manager is “preparing me” for a bad review.

      I’ll be gone long before the yearly review but it’s clear it’s just my turn to get the bad review. Total waste of everybodies time
      Jun 10
  • AppOnboard anon818
    Reviews are annual. You go on a development plan before a PIP. If you get on a PIP at Amazon, plan to leave. There is almost no way to claw your way out of that hole.
    Jun 10 0