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May 4 4 Comments

Have you ever face leetcode 546. Remove boxes or 312. Burst balloons in interviews? Are problems with equivalent or more difficulty asked in on-site interviews?


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  • IBM yxT43bw
    I deal with those problems on a daily basis at ibm. Very common in mainframes. When we’re packing them up cause we just lost a customer and we’re bursting balloons cause a sale fell through.
    May 4 0
  • Internet Brands g to googl
    People report that they got LC harded quite often. Even 2 in a row in same round.
    May 4 1
    • New arch135
      Ohhh 2 in one round !!! Wfich company
      May 4
  • Clearstream.TV restandves
    Burst balloons is a stupid ass problem. Why do they ask that in interviews?
    May 5 0


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