Received email that mentions layoffs

Apr 13 10 Comments

Anyone have any insight to legal implications to the company when senior management mistakenly forwards an email that talks about shutting down a office location that my team and I are part of? The email is from HR discussing the plans and timing to shut down our location.


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  • Let the team and the entire location know ASAP. This will create a panic among employees and they’ll start rushing the upper management. The goal is to make the management feel panicky so that they would have to cancel the layoffs.

    It’s your moral obligation.
    Apr 13 0
  • Oracle not_larry
    If asked about it just say “what email?”
    Apr 13 0
  • Microsoft BarFoo
    Now is when you dust off the resume and start interviewing. Once you’ve secured your offer, you can inform everyone else.
    Apr 13 0
  • Joyent / Eng xBSD
    IANAL. Don't trade securities or talk to others who might, about this.

    Share with co workers if you wish. Everyone start looking for jobs.

    You don't owe management anything, just don't violate your employment agreements on confidentiality.
    Apr 13 0
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay2
    Not without details
    Apr 13 1
    • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay2
      How are we supposed to have “insight” when you gave such little detail
      Apr 13
  • Dell Modeee
    OP since now u know their plan already, you are at highest risk of layoff now
    Apr 13 0
  • Splunk rzap
    Take a print screen and share with peace of mind
    Apr 13 0
  • Baker Hughes 1t@
    I think you should send them an email and thank them for the early notice and start interviewing :)
    Apr 20 0
  • / Other
    gtfoorgtfo Other

    Only if you trade stocks :)
    Apr 13 0