Restart life

Oracle restartin
Feb 7 12 Comments

Is it normal to feel I want to abandon what I’m currently doing in my life (not job or city) and restart a new life altogether?

Like completely come out as a new person - change your habits and things you hate about yourself?


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  • Microsoft Larry Pаge
    Donald, we say go for it.
    Feb 7 1
    • EA ivanko
      Larry, what about big G? changed jobs?
      Feb 8
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    I hate these niggas more than the Nazis.
    No matter how many resets you go through, you will always return back to your old self. Only through psychedelic and/or intense religious experiences can you disintegrate your ego.
    Feb 7 1
    • New


      Pegasystems, Robert Half
      App Dev & Delivery
      Even with psychedelics, the improvement is momentary/for the duration of your trip.

      Meditation is an alternative that could be more sustainable over time.
      Feb 7
  • Microsoft myknee
    It used to be called middle life crisis, but now it starts earlier.
    Feb 7 1
    • Snapchat BigCoin
      You can have a quarter life crisis
      Feb 7
  • IBM apu
    Try that when you’re married and with a kid lol
    Feb 7 0
  • New IuVw08
    It is normal. Definitely try meditation which will allow you to observe yourself and your interactions more dispassionately. Then try to crystallize what you want to change and how to go about it. It can be worth seeing a top notch coach to use them as a sounding board. Don’t let people discourage you, and don’t let time pass, because it gets harder as you age.
    Feb 7 1
    • Oracle restartin
      Thanks! This is really helpful.
      Feb 7
  • Cerner / Eng Zenobia
    I think it’s normal to feel this way. Many of my friends and I as well do feel that way sometimes. I get a feeling of being a loser due to wrong decisions I have taken in my life and all the time I have wasted so far... so sometimes I wanna go back. 😆
    Feb 7 0
  • Uber yTzY24
    It would be nice to fix all your defects at once, but it’s very hard and if you fail you’ll feel even worse. Try fixing one thing at a time, and learn to be patient with yourself.
    Feb 7 1
    • Oracle restartin
      Yeah, probably. I’m trying to change too much things at the same time.
      Feb 7