Thoughts on fullstory?

BigCommerce qazxcv
Feb 20 7 Comments

They are a session replay and analytics platform based out of Atlanta.

Founded in 2012
The team seems good (ex-googlers)
Investors (GV, Kleiner Perkins, salesforce)

I’m curious about their growth and competitive landscape. It seems like they are under the radar and I’m wondering why?

TC: 145


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    • Microsoft gfba68
      They have a bunch of customers. I've worked at 2 companies that used them.
      Feb 20
    • BigCommerce qazxcv
      Yeah, I suspect their customers might be wary of publicizing the fact that they are “recording” your sessions
      Feb 21
  • Amazon atmw35
    Hyper competitive market, but a great product. It's been a few years since I used them though.

    If your looking to join a mid-stage saas it's useful to figure out if they've hit their tam yet - often b2b startups plateau before reaching the point of profitability but after they've reached sizable and sustainable revenue. These startups can be fun for a while, but the equity will never work out.
    Feb 20 0
  • Google RockLobsta
    I know some of the ex-Googlers over there. Really really solid crew.
    Feb 20 0
  • Microsoft gfba68
    Know a few engineers there. Haven't heard anything bad. Cool product, very expensive.
    Feb 20 0
  • Dropbox drl/food
    Creepy shit right there.
    Feb 20 0
  • OpenDoor MhBB55
    Anyone know about comp there?
    Feb 20 0