Tinder for only engineers ?

Mar 11 29 Comments

Any dating apps for only engineers or which matches based on credit score


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  • Yeah it’s called LinkedIn
    Mar 112
  • Intel uqmf38
    Said no one ever.
    Mar 110
  • New sparked
    β€œThe league” is an app that most closely resembles what you appear to be looking for. You have to meet certain requirements to have a profile, but it has nothing to do with LC unfortunately
    Mar 110
  • Walmart.com fiVn5$!Br
    Gold digger alert? πŸ€”πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘
    Mar 110
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  • Credit Karma NbcH42
    Someone made the credit score one as a joke for one company hackathon
    Mar 110
  • BYTON Dof
    How about tinder for fang enginners. So ducking narrow minded.
    Mar 125
    • Microsoft joyfull
      Men to women ratio - 8 to 1 that will be hilarious
      Mar 12
    • Google lenajava
      That could work as it is very similar to how people meet at the University, by interest and level. Competition is good:)
      Mar 12
    • Amazon SysRq
      Throw some models into the mix
      Mar 12
    • Microsoft joyfull
      Yeah models will love to date engineers :) I am ugly and non social and never dated before but I make 400k! I can compete against football players!
      Mar 12
    • Amazon SysRq
      Your money is just as green
      Mar 14
  • New


    Choosing a life partner according to how they leetcode πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
    You should get out of the house a bit more
    Mar 120
  • Or based on number of problems done on leetcode πŸ€—
    Mar 110
  • Tableau / Engstthompson
    I'd use it
    Mar 110
  • Microsoft joyfull
    Just say you want matches based on TC.
    Mar 121
  • NetApp / Engfire-water
    Sorry this probably won’t work if most of the people in this platform are straight. :) we need more female engineers πŸ˜„
    Mar 120
  • F5 Networks / Producthmm....
    People will post the pics of their code. Compare the length of their last check-ins?
    Mar 110
  • Uber / Eng


    Im a cat! 🐈 Meowww... Fancy feast is my favorite kind of kibbles 🐱
    This is going to have a horrible gender ratio
    Mar 131
    • New sparked
      Gender is a fluid concept
      Mar 13
  • New stuY15
    They already have that, it's called grindr
    Mar 130
  • Will probably have 99% guys
    Mar 120
  • ViaSat / Designmark1650
    Yeah...because I love my job SO much that I want to bring it into my family life too.
    Mar 120
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  • Flagged by the community.

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