Tips for renting in NYC

Amazon rw8de
Aug 6 12 Comments

I need to start looking for apartment in NYC, most likely in Manhattan.

- should I use an agent or search myself?
- what websites would you recommend apart from Zillow?
- I've heard that prices rise around September, is it true?

Any mistakes to avoid or some other tips please.


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  • New / Product dowop
    Always. always. ALWAYS see the unit you are renting. Not one that looks just like it. See the unit itself. ALWAYS.
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  • Google onetechguy
    Prices are best in winter, you can easily lock 2 months free for a 24 month rent.

    Try to find a place with a nice commute including a short walking distance to the subway, and not too noisy.

    I like StreetEasy and
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    • Amazon rw8de
      Aug 6
  • New / Design

    New Design

    Freelance designer specializing in UI/UX and Brand Identity
    Have a candid video or over-coffee conversation with your potential roommate(s) if sharing a space is financially necessary. Everyone—everyone—has their nightmare NYC roommate story so taking the extra steps to avoid that altogether will save you from mental breakdowns, senseless stress and lost time (read: money).

    I’ve used streeteasy, the listings project if you’re an artist/designer, Roomi and Roomzoom
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  • Uber uKWz22
    Also, be ready with a checkbook to put down a deposit if you like the place.
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  • Memorial Sloan tiddies
    streeteasy (owned by zillow, but specifically for nyc) and the gypsy housing group on fb. don’t pay a broker’s fee like a sucker.
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  • Uber uKWz22
    Street easy, don’t pay a broker fee
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  • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
    Everything on Streeteasy is on Zillow, but I find Zillow has a better UI.

    Don't be a sucker and get ripped off with broker fee. Max 1 month rent, better if you can avoid. Some gullible people get charged 2 months..

    Also I know this isn't considered cool and trendy, but consider NJ for 3.7% tax rate reduction. The path runs all night. Most engineers can cover at least half their rent with the savings...
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    • Amazon rw8de
      Thanks for the advice! I checked out NJ last week, it feels suburban and deserted compared to Manhattan or Brooklyn. But I will take the smaller tax into consideration.
      Aug 6
    • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
      I moved to Hoboken from Jersey City (which feels more deserted), it's urban enough and close enough to Manhattan for me.
      Aug 6
  • Twitter feUG50
    Also, many nice rental buildings have leasing offices onsite, so just call number and they won’t charge you
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  • Apple Red4life93
    +1 for streeteasy
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