Uber Engineering Manager Amsterdam?

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Any idea what salaries are like for Engineering Managers in Amsterdam office?

What is the hiërarchy there? Who do they report to? How many people they manage?


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  • Uber tamtamtam
    I’m an EM in Europe. Rather not specify the office as it’s a small world. As Amsterdam is the biggest tech office in Europe within Uber, I know it quite well.

    Comp is the same as engineers at the same level. So for EM2 it’s Sr2 (5B). For EM1 it’s the same as Sr eng. As far as I know, most offices don’t hire EM1, only EM2. Search on Blind for TC on Sr Engs in Amsterdam at Uber and add probably 10-20% for EM2. It’s on par with what Facebook/Google pays for the same level.

    Before you get too hyped up about salary (which will be better than most of Europe), just know that it’s ridiculously difficult to get in. Managers are expected to be technical, great communicators, team builders and be able to align teams and stakeholders. So you will be tested for basic coding, architecture and about 4 rounds on the manager interviews.

    You will need to prep to get in and you need to be really good technically and excellent as a people manager and at alignment and vision setting. I’ve been on the loop for some really good people at their respective companies, who we did not think would meet the bar. And even when you’re in, the first year is painful: the pace is the same as a Silicon Valley too Tech company. It’s a demanding job and you’ll need to have a lot of energy to succeed. On the pro side, if you can make it here and get trough the beginning, you learn tons: there is a lot of mentorship, leadership is very accessible and it can open up opportunities later.

    Managers typically have 10-12 direct reports, large autonomy and at an office like Amsterdam, would report to the site lead or a director. If you want to read more on what it’s like to be an EM, there was a good AMA on Blind earlier, which pretty much applies to everywhere in Uber, for EMs: “I’m a (real) Eng Manager at Uber. AMA (Office Life)"

    If you are strong technically and don’t have much management experience, coming in as an IC is a lot easier, than there are opportunities to switch to management with the apprentice program. I’ve seen a fe me hires do this: it’s also a good excuse to go back to coding, before getting on the management path again. And comp is the same as for managers. If you are a seasoned manager, this might not apply. If you are rusty on the tech side of things then be sure to in-rust yourself. Good luck!
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  • Booking.com / Other monkey🐒
    Any idea how work is like, who do they report to, and how many report into them and the job expectations?
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  • Uber h4ffjj4
    300k euro base and 45k rsus for manager ii
    Jan 18 2
    • Uber MAts61
      This seems very high. What about IC at level 5a? I don't think the base will be more than 120k euro (after internal transfer)
      Jan 18
    • Booking.com
      Fook me, good job.
      Jan 18
  • Oracle imnotalpha
    What teams work there? Is it only payments?
    Jan 18 1
    • Uber yNuy31
      Data platform
      Jan 18