Which rat-car owners try to mess with others and drive around with a bug up their...

T-Mobile rx350
May 3 7 Comments

I've come across a few in VW golf GTIs

TC 180k
12 yoe


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  • SpaceX uevh5
    Sporty Subarus in Seattle are are pretty annoying. Even some soccer dads with Outbacks are pretty agresive which is comical for such an anemic car.
    May 3 0
  • Amazon Redux
    In Seattle BRZ and WRX are the worst. Bruh why are you trying to race me in your 150 HP BRZ. So many ricers here, tons of Civics too but most of them don’t try to race.
    May 4 4
    • Race what... there is a speed limit, no?
      May 4
    • T-Mobile rx350
      They race each other at the lights.
      May 4
    • What a waste of gas
      May 4
    • T-Mobile rx350
      I hope Uber is going all electric soon...;)
      May 6
  • Middle upper class snobs : middle range BMW’s and Mercedes.

    The other class is lower class gangsters and drug dealers, modified race cars with cheap upgrades and outrageous rims
    May 3 0