Would you date a person with hsv2?

Homeaway p455
May 15 16 Comments

If you met a girl (or guy) who had type 2 herpes that you really got along with and they were very pretty (or handsome), and you could see marrying them for all their qualities aside from this, would you still date them?



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TOP 16 Comments
  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    No, I prefer hsv1 because 1 is more prestigious than 2.
    May 15 0
  • Intel knPl06
    Forget her. In 2 years you will be broken up and will also have herpes. Then no one will date you because you have herpes LOL.
    May 15 1
    • New / Eng na206
      May 15
  • Microsoft xVeQ24
    What is hsv2?
    May 15 3
    • Travelport / Eng buttnpushr
      Prolly something like leetcode
      May 15
    • Microsoft KyJeLlY
      The herp

      Herpes Simplex Virus 2
      May 15
    • Travelport / Eng buttnpushr
      Who's Hermes?
      May 15
  • Microsoft UseDeFeet
    By the time you’re considering any of that, you’ve already got it.
    May 15 1
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      Working on Brain Machine Interfaces
      Not if you used some of that rational STEM intelligence on thinking about safety before you deferred to your genitals.
      May 15
  • Microsoft BezosBalla
    I once dated a girl with hsv2. She told me after the first date before anything physical happened. I told her we’d have to get married before having sex. She lost interest after a handful of dates. It’s hard to fall in love without having orgasms.
    May 15 0
  • Uber lock_up
    Why do you have two ‘No’ options?
    May 15 1
    • Homeaway p455
      Evens the distribution
      May 15
  • Tripwire / Other

    Tripwire Other

    McAfee, Mozilla
    This is a rigged survey!
    May 15 0
  • New / Eng na206
    I think you’d have to really think about it. I vaguely recall seeing an episode of Adam ruins everything saying it’s not as bad as people think. Condoms exists for a reason. Do your research. No one here can decide what you sticknyour dick in
    May 15 1
    • Uber GhPw30
      You can still get genital herpes if you use condoms 😱
      May 15
  • Google Indian cat
    Go on. You probably already have it.
    May 17 0