tech stack in Salesforce industries cloud

D. E. Shaw & Co. FtnB22
Jul 13 5 Comments

Hi there,

How good is the tech stack in Industries Cloud in Salesforce. I hear this is a new business in Salesforce. I also hear about many teams working on monolith service and relatively old stack (OracleDB, xml etc). Is it true for this org as well?


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Salesforce Kvnn66
    Industries is part of Core. yes it’s old stack..
    Jul 13 3
    • D. E. Shaw & Co. FtnB22
      Oh. Thank you for the info. Is there a chance one will end up working with open source tech, still?
      Jul 13
    • Salesforce wvLu60
      Not from the looks of the past releases
      Jul 15
    • D. E. Shaw & Co. FtnB22
      I see. Thank you.
      Jul 15
  • Twitch VLmy43
    Too bad. It’s same throughout sales force
    Jul 13 0


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