Online data analysis certification like Udacity

New QAwP17
Apr 15, 2019 2 Comments

How helpul are the online data analysis degree/certification like Udacity for getting a job as a data analyst or even changing the career paths to data analysis?


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  • Wish NfOV60
    I've hired data scientists and can say it's about what you know and not about what pieces of paper you have as evidence. However, the better your university degree the more likely you'll get a chance to prove what you know in an interview. I learned most of my ML through MOOCs and did ML for one of the big 3 out here in silicon valley, but it helped me get my foot in the door that I have a masters and went to good schools.
    Apr 15, 2019 1
    • New QAwP17
      Thank you! This was helpful.
      Apr 15, 2019


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