What programming language will help me get a Valentine's day date?

Feb 13 19 Comments



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  • Marvell JPfy43
    Well, its a mix. C her first. Meet her over Java. Gift her Ruby and Perl. Eventually, your Python might end up getting lucky
    Feb 13 1
    • Salesforce iyRm75
      Also if you are not familiar with latest GNU compliant HerOs, you could be making wrong API calls and theres a real possibility that you could hang and become a zombie !
      Feb 13
  • Amazon getthat$
    Python isn't enough. You need anaconda.
    Feb 13 0
  • Adobe aplyrpb
    import datetime
    Feb 13 0
  • How about a date with Julia?
    Feb 13 1
    • Walmart ghu75v
      Isn't Julia a little too young to be going on dates?
      Feb 13
  • Salesforce iyRm75
    Love language!!!
    Feb 13 0
  • Microsoft MT1(SS)
    My anaconda don't....
    Feb 13 0
  • Amazon BlindIy
    Feb 13 0
  • AVL / Eng FCH0P!N
    Python.. 🐍 🍆
    Feb 13 0
  • Amazon kazin
    Feb 13 0
  • LinkedIn nideknil.
    you wanna try my python down there?
    Feb 14 0


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