Opportunities for french new grad in US

May 13 7 Comments

Asking for my girlfriend. She is french/italian dual citizen and will complete her university in aerospace engineering (systems/controls focus). I am myself on F1 OPT currently. She is starting to look at ways she can come to US right after graduation. Do any ways exist?

She is particularly interested in aerospace roles (non governmental ofcourse) and also general controls and systems engineering.

F1 is out of question as last thing we want is to drop additional 100-150k on a degree when I am a new grad myself and she will be too.

Can I maybe sponsor her if I get H1B visa next year (she is not my wife so not sure if that works). Also, will L1 be an option right after she starts at a new company in Europe? Any other ways people can point out?


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  • Apple net worth
    If you marry her she can come on any dependent visa no matter which you have. F1 or H1 all have dependent visa. But not for girlfriends
    May 13 2
    • OP
      We are 23 and need some time to consider marriage :( Is there any short visa which will let her work for 6-12 months!
      May 13
    • Apple net worth
      She can come on a tourist B1 visa but can’t work here. But if her company has a branch she can also work at that company on a b1 visa
      May 13
  • Apple KGHP41
    L1 has a minimum 1 year waiting period. So she’ll have to work 1 year outside the US before that company can sponsor her to work in the US on L1.
    May 13 0
  • Credit Sesame an0nm00se
    K1 Visa.
    May 13 1
    • Apple net worth
      Only if OP is a citizen which he is not
      May 13
  • Google googler78
    Most aerospace roles are restricted to US citizens. Look at SpaceX/Boeing/blue origin job posts.
    May 13 0